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When it comes to insuring your home and your family’s possessions, price is important. But you also need to know that the company is there to back you up should you have a claim. With Maple Mutual Insurance, you receive complete, personalized protection for your primary residence and property.

Home Insurance Policy
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Insuring for your home


  • Homeowner Packages
  • Tenant Packages

Tailored to suit, we offer many unique coverages:

  • Deductible Reduction
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Identity Theft/Fraud
  • Deductible Reduction
  • Inflation protection

Introducing Water Protection

We’re enhancing the Sewer/Sump/Drain back-up Coverage

Find out what that means to you:

I already have Sewer Sump Coverage: Check your policy, if you have previously purchased sewer sump coverage, you just got a free upgrade!

Am I eligible for this new coverage? We are offering this new coverage to all eligible policyholders. Contact your agent or broker for details and pricing.

For more information on Water Protection from Maple Mutual, please click here.

Unique to Maple Mutual: Legal Assist

Family Unpacking Boxes

How does it work?

Just call this toll free number to speak with a trained operator who will assess your situation and put you in touch with a lawyer at no charge. Lawyers are available from 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days a year. Call 1-888-284-9288.

We love offering discounts and a couple of our favourites are:
Claims Free & Loss Prevention.

Be sure to ask your agent which ones you qualify for.

Sewer or Sump Pit Backup Mitigation Device

Rebate for Sewer or Sump Pit Secondary Backup Mitigation Device – Upgraded

We will pay up to $300 for expenses incurred by “you” for the installation in “your” “dwelling” and of a sewer or sump pit secondary backup loss mitigation device after a policy has been in force for a minimum of 13 months.*  Sewer or sump pit secondary backup loss mitigation includes but is not limited to such devices as:

  1. A backwater valve installed on the main line and/or,
  2. A sump pump with battery backup power or water pressure drive backup sump pump.

* The installation must be completed by a licensed plumber or a licensed contractor or business with receipt of labour, parts and pump provided to Maple Mutual Insurance for reimbursement.

Family in Front of House

Boat Owners Policy

Maple Mutual Insurance policyholders love to be on the water. And you love your watercraft. Ask your agent about our Boat Owners Policy for those vessels exceeding a $25,000* value.