To Our Insureds,

Maple Mutual Insurance is pleased to offer a claims free discount to both our existing and new customers. Discounts associated with being claims free, promotes a more responsible approach to insurance and, rewards you as a purchaser of insurance for the right reason … focusing on the protection your assets.

The discount applies to:

  • Residential Policies
  • Farm Policies
  • Commercial Polices

To qualify, the policy must first have a $1,000 deductible and … the policy must be claims free for 5 full policy years. In conjunction with this initiative, we also provide the “Deductible Reduction Endorsement which, over time reduces your deductible to $0. Both of these initiatives promote a responsible approach to insurance and the opportunity to be fully covered when you do have a significant loss.

It is important to note that this discount does not apply to:

  • Tobacco Policies
  • Automobile Policies
  • Large Watercraft Policies
  • Policies that have liability coverage only

In addition, the discount will vary depending on your policy type and the variety of items that you may have insured on the policy. Contact your agent should you require more information.[/one_half]

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